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David Lai (client)

Project Date: November 2016

Project Price: more than $10,000-$49,999

"As we were planning our new vacation home at Maui Meadows near Wailea last year, we came across Tervola Designs on Houzz and really loved her work. We met Cindy at her store at Lahaina. She understood our needs and preferences well and made really good recommendations. We retained her service to design out kitchen and baths on the spot. She supplied the cabinets and flooring (bamboo flooring for the house and tiles for the baths and backsplashes).

Cindy's design is simple, elegant, and yet warm. On her recommendation, we decided to use green soapstone for the counter-tops and they turned out great. They have a sheen of lustrous patina and very different from the usual glossy granite counter-tops.

Cindy also helped with designing out tongue and groove stained cedar ceiling and worked with my architect on room layouts. The house is now completed and beautiful.

Throughout the kitchen and bath construction process, Cindy stopped by the job site several times and oversaw the delivery of materials and ensures the cabinets were installed correctly.

Since we lived thousands of miles away, it was very important to have a designer who looked after our interests on the site.

Cindy was always prompt with her communication on email, phone calls, or video conferences.

The materials she supplied are of good quality and prices are reasonable.

I highly recommend Cindy if you need to remodel your kitchen and baths or build new ones. I hope I can take some pictures and upload them soon".

Nov. 2016

mauibob49 (client)

Project Date: April 2016

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Cindy was very helpful in designing a cabnet plan for a remodel of our cottage. She also assisted us with flooring. She is extremely easy to work with and we would highly recommend her." Nov. 2016

Dorcey Henderson (client)

Project Date: December 2015

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Cindy was very helpful in designing a cabnet plan for a remodel of our cottage. She also assisted us with flooring. She is extremely easy to work with an"I had a great time working with Cindy on the remodel of my villa. She made it very easy being off island while the remodel was taking place. She had great suggestions that really made a huge difference to the look and feel. I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again." Nov. 2016d we would highly recommend her." Nov. 2016

David Hennessy (client)

Project Date: September 2015

Project Price: more than $100,000

"Cindy was recommended to my wife and I by Robert Myers, our realtor who represents many high end properties in Kaanapali. We were absolutely delighted working with her. She offered great inputs/suggestions which we followed. Over time we have owned 4 different units in the Masters and I was formerly the association President so i am very familiar with many properties.

As od=f todays date, 11/16, I can be candid and what we got from Tervola Designs is the "primo" condo with a kitchen second to none and 2 bathrooms that are the best in the Masters development. We had no issues and we would readily recommend." Nov. 2016

Laurie Loney (client)

Project Date: March 2015

Project Price: more than $50,000-$100,000

"Cindy did a fabulous job on our kitchen remodel. We still talk about how much we love it daily after a year and a half! She was very attentive to our preferences while offering good advice when needed. And she worked well with our budget too. Our kitchen is the envy of all who see it now! We are so proud of it!" Nov. 2016

vanfischer (client)

Project Date: June 2014

Project Price: more than $50,000-$100,000

"I have worked with Cindy on several jobs and am very impressed with her company. She has great design ideas and is very good at getting things done quickly which is a challenge on Maui. I highly recommend her." Nov. 2015

justinriggs81 (colleague and client)

Project Date: July 2014

Project Price: more than $50,000-$100,000

"Cindy is such an amazing person and amazing designer who is committed to providing perfect spaces specifically to fit any clients needs. i had the pleasure of working along with Trevola Designs on many breathtaking Maui homes. I had Trevola Designs design my own amazing kitchen and provide cabinets, hardware and all other extras and I could not be happier! I worked with many designers and Cindy is truly the absolute Best!" Nov. 2015

Pat & Brent B. (client)

Project Date: January 2014

Project Price: more than $100,000

"We are building a home on Maui and interviewed several design professionals to assist us with our kitchen and bathrooms designs. We choose Cindy because she actually listened to us from our first meeting and totally put us at ease. Her suggestions and help during this whole process has been invaluable. She has been able to help us through some difficult design issues and has come up with great solutions. She not only is creative but always thinks of the practicality of her designs and gives you both the pros and cons. That has been most helpful to stay within budget. She does leave the final decision to her clients as that is how it should be.

She has many product lines to work with and is extremely knowledgeable about them all. She is not afraid to explore new vendors so her work always seems fresh and not cookie cutter. Her ability to work with our architect, builder and subs has always been remarkable as this is not always an easy task. She has met every deadline and answered any and all questions in a timely manner which has been a breath of fresh air especially here on Maui.

We would certainly recommend Cindy Tervola to any one building or remodeling here on Maui." Nov. 2014

Hurahips (client)

Project Date: November 2014

"Cindy was such an important part to the success of our project. She brought details together, was timely in responses back to us, and easy to work with.

She made suggestions that we would never of thought about but it showed the experience she brings to the job.

She takes a personal interest in her work. I am happy to recommend Cindy." Nov. 2014

KLC Design & Build Contractor (colleague)

Project Date: October 2014

Project Price: $50,000-$100,000

"Cindy is a talented interior designer. She is always accurate with her take offs and offers great options for design within the scope of work and budget. Her shop in Lahaina is a great place for clients to see, touch, and feel their options. "

Cindy is always calm, informative, and a pleasure for all trades and clients to work with!

As a General Contractor I am always confident referring Cindy to my clients." Nov. 2014

Laurie Loney (client)

Project Date: November 2014

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Cindy Tervola is a professional designer in every way. Her experience is evident in all her ideas and suggestions. She is always happy to help us with any minute question or detail which I appreciate because I am clueless when it comes to kitchen design. Cindy's been so patient with us as we are constantly changing our minds! It was such a relief when she helped us find the perfect flooring to match our cabinets and countertops. We are in the middle of our remodel and can't wait to see the completed project! We would recommend her services to everyone." Nov. 2014

Architectural Design & Construction (colleague)

Project Date: October 2012

Project Price: more than $100,000

"We appreciated Tervola Designs' diligence in incorporating our client's detailed requirements into the kitchen design. The custom cabinet veneer offered a unique look. Their efforts continued into the construction phase to ensure a successful installation." Mar. 2014

Kari V. (client)

Project Date: September 2013

Project Price: more than $100,000

"I just finished building a house on Maui and of all our vendors we used, Tervola Designs was the best. Cindy Tervola is create, professional, and meets her deadlines. The cabinet designs were top notch and she actually came out to the site to take inventory and check each item as the delivery truck was unloaded. She found beautiful hardware that met our expectations and ordered all fans and plumbing fixtures which were all successful. Her attention to detail was impressive, as well as her patience! She is full of great ideas and has a finely tuned awareness of our individual tastes. I strongly recommend her company."Mar. 2014

Scott Daley (client)

Project Date: September 2013

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"I am very pleased with the entire experience I had with Cindy at Tervola Designs. From beginning to end, Cindy was always prompt and professional, the Condo kitchen remodel and total re-painting was done on time and looks great. It was done with minimal down time from our rental program." Nov. 2013

Jeanette Howard (client)

Project Date: March 2013

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"I did a full remodel and Cindy was my kitchen designer. She is amazing, hire her, it matters! She came in with the best floor plans and designs, she will help you with everything including ordering sinks and tiles and cabinets to how many drawers you need, etc. You can not do it alone...You NEED HER!!! My kitchen is awesome and I notice all the time little things she suggested then that now really matter. Even when her work was done, she came to my place (after hours) to help me with bathroom details and other thought and concerns I had outside of the kitchen. She cares about her work and her eye for detail is spot on! You will be lucky to have her on your team:-)" Oct. 2013

Chef James (client)

Project Date: December 2012

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Cindy Tervola was very flexible given our remodel challenges and at no time seemed unaccommodating. The choices were always inspiring and within our means. I would recommend this design company for future remodels." Oct. 2013

J Mahon (client)

Project Date: September 2012

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Cindy of Tervola Designs completed a complete renovation of all our cabinetry, kitchen + bathrooms in a 2 bedroom condo. Beautiful Mahogany cabinets were installed and were of the highest quality. She also assisted with selecting the appliances.

We were extremely pleased working with Cindy Tervola and would highly recommend her design skills." Sept. 2012

Mark & Robin Harlow (client)

Project Date: September 2012

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Aloha Cindy,

Mahalo for your assistance on kitchen and dining room remodel. We are very grateful for your attention to detail and professionalism. One thing that we truly appreciate is your commitment to the job. You show up at our home to make recommendations and suggestions - we love this service from you! This type of service is rare and again we are thankful. I will recommend Tervola Designs to many of our friends and acquaintances as we support you 100%+. Once this remodel is over, I look forward to the next project ~ we are truly grateful that we found you!"

Mark & Robin Harlow" Sept. 2012

Roy Dunn (client)

Project Date: June 2012

Project Price: more than $100,000

"Cindy was used for all kitchen, closets, bathroom and laundry designs. She spec all cabinets and fixtures including flooring. Amazing job and I couldn't imaging having to build my house without the detail and insights she brought to the project. My suppliers or subs who have interacted with her have all complimented on the quality of her work. Patient and easy to work with.

Thx, Roy Dunn" Sept. 2012

Christine (client)

Project Date: September 2012

Project Price: $50,000-$100,000

"Cindy is very knowledgeable and creative. she is professional and very easy to work with. She helped me sort through large amount of plumbing products and appliances and guide me quickly to make final decisions from endless of choices. She helped fine tune my kitchen design and made helpful observations and suggestions. I am looking forward to her help in deciding on tiles and stones for my kitchen and bathrooms." Sept. 2012

Monica (client)

Project Date: August 2012

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"I'm so glad I hired Tervola designs. Being on a budget and trying to keep cost down Cindy kept the cost for the remodel at an affordable rate and with the help of the great contractor my dad's kitchen is fabulous. I would definitely hire Tervola Designs again." Sept. 2012

Imagine It Builders (colleague)

Project Date: May 2012

Project Price: $50,000-$100,000

"Cindy and Tervola Designs are hands down the best for custom cabinets here on Maui and we always recommend our clients to her- no matter how big or small the job and budget. The high level of quality, her attention to detail, and fair prices make Tervola Designs our favorite cabinet to work with."

Sept. 2012

R. P. Murdock (client)

Project Date: September 2012

Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

"Cindy of Tervola Designs completed a complete renovation of all our cabinetry, kitchen + bathrooms in a 2 bedroom condo. Beautiful Mahogany cabinets were installed and were of the highest quality. She also assisted with selecting the appliances. We were extremely pleased working with Cindy Tervola and would highly recommend her design skills." Sept. 2012

Cindy Cook (client)

Project Date: July 2011

"Cindy did a fantastic job designing all the cabinetry for our new Maui home! She personalized the cabinets to fit our needs while keeping within our budget. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive - everything you could ask for in a cabinet designer! We highly recommend Tervola Designs." July 2011

Linda Jenkins (client)

Hired you in 2009.

Top qualities: Very Creative, Top Quality, Personable

"Choosing to work with Cindy was the best decision we made when building our house. I love to cook and to me, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. Cindy is a great listener and has a real skill in being able to determine what you want in a kitchen and then create your dream kitchen for you. The process itself was a pleasure. She is easy to work with, a truly nice person and she makes the whole thing fun! AND she was on time and within budget!!! Who could ask for more??!!" July 27, 2011

Chris Brod (client)

Chris hired you as a Interior Designer in 2000 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“I cannot say enough good things about working with Cindy! She really listens and finds a way to create YOUR vision. She pays meticulous attention to details and is very responsive to all questions and concerns, including cost. My husband and I have been impressed with the quality of the contractors and workmen she has recommended for our projects, and we have always been extremely happy with our final results!” February 6, 2011

Chuck Jordan (client)

Chuck hired you as a Interior Design in 2003

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Cindy provided excellent design suggestions for my new kitchen. The final results turned out beyond by expectations.” January 12, 2011

Carole Richter, PHR (client)

Carole hired you for a Kitchen Design and Installation in 2000

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

“Cindy did a kitchen design for me that was executed in a very timely manner with excellent results. I've known Cindy for years and can vouch for her positive attitude, her dedication to her clients and her passion for design.” January 3, 2011

Marla Hunter (client)

Marla hired you as a Business Consultant in 2007 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Cindy is a true professional and I have always relied on her as my "go to" person for any type of client needing home design/remodel. Plus, she is an all around great person to be around, which makes doing business with her a pleasure.” August 30, 2010

Martin Wyand (client)

Martin hired you as a Kitchen & Bath Designer in 2000

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Cindy is an amazing kitchen and bath designer. She has years of experience, and she knows design and products inside and out. She is always timely and follows up. Our kitchen is beautiful. Cindy is fun to work with too.” August 10, 2010

Chickie Rosen (client)

Chickie hired you as a Financial Advisor in 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Cindy helped us remodel a guest bathroom, our master bathroom and dressing area. Everything turned out really nice and we were very happy with Cindy. Most of the work in our home was done while we were off island and Cindy was very on top of everything and kept in touch we me through out the project. She worked well with the contractor. I would highly recommend Cindy.” August 8, 2010

Rozic Joe (client)

Rozic hired you as a General Contractor in 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I would recommend Cindy to anyone needing custom home furnishings” July 26, 2010

Mark Eklo (client)

Mark hired Cindy for Cabinets and other kitchen and bath products in 2008, and hired Cindy more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“Cindy was a great help. We live off island and she was our source and help on island. She provided a great product at a great price. She helped with all aspects of the project by either getting the stuff for us or referring us the someone she knew. Nice personality and easy to work with. Overall, a honest great person to work with. Thanks Mark and Deb Eklo” July 20, 2010

Roger & Joyce Amadon (client)

Roger & Joyce Amadon hired Cindy as a Kitchen Design in 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“My husband and I are very satisfied with our cabinets. They are superior in quality and we couldn't be happier. Cindy was great to work with. She was professional and stuck to the budget.

July 19, 2010

Phil Shepherd (business partner)

Director of Sales and Marketing, Artcraft Kitchens

Phil was a consultant or contractor to Cindy at Tervola Designs

“Cindy is a talented, creative designer with an equal emphasis on efficient project management: an excellent combination that consistently produces satisfied clients and a strong referral base.

July 19, 2010

Sharon Rozic (client)

Sharon hired Cindy as a Kitchen & Bath Designer, Dealer in 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“Cindy helped me design the cabinets for our new home and placed the order, had them delivered and followed through with everything she said she would do. She stands behind her work and does a wonderful job. I would highly recommend her, she's very knowledgeable and easy to work with.” July 18, 2010

Robert Casamajor (business partner)

Owner, Casamajor Marketing Associates

Robert was a consultant or contractor to Cindy at Tervola Designs

“Cindy became a trusted and valuable dealer of mine for my cabinetry products I represented in her market. Our industry, Kitchen and Bath Design, is one that demands attention to detail, follow through with the end user and a partnership between manufacturer and retail dealer/designer that must be a "win - win" situation to be successful. Cindy is a true industry professional.” July 18, 2010

Julie Donahue (client)

Julie hired Cindy Tervola as a kitchen designer in 2008 and hired her more than once

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

"Cindy has great contacts in the area so that even than usual request can be accomplished. I appreciate that she keeps in touch as the project progresses. Great to work with!!" July 18, 2010

Sue Zetteler (client)

Sue hired Cindy Tervola as a Kitchen Designer and Sales in 2005

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Cindy Tervola was hands on throughout both the design and implementation of our new kitchen. Not only were we delighted with the finished product but we came in within our budget and on time. We found her to be both professional and personable in dealing with all aspects of our building process.” July 17, 2010

Steve McGill (client)

Steve hired Cindy Tervola as a supplier of kitchen and bath in 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Cindy was very reliable and timely. And she is definitely an expert in her field. It was a pleasure working with Cindy.” July 17, 2010

Sally Ault (business partner)

District Sales manager, Dacor Appliance Corporation.

Sally was with another company when working with Cindy Tervola

“Cindy is a very talented designer. She has great vision and creativity and is easy to work with. I would recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to improve their home.” July 17, 2010